Sunday, September 9, 2007

Leadership Matters - Vision, Effectiveness and Accountability

A key aspect of the GDRC Programme on Urban Governance is that of leaders and leadership. And so the title of a recent World Bank Institute's meeting theme struck my eye as a good set of leadership 'matters':

VISION: Does the leader have a vision for the future? Does it match the wishes, needs and aspirations of the community that he/she leads?

EFFECTIVENESS: How effective is the leader in delivering on his/her promises? How capable ha she/she been in accomplishing stated goals and objectives?

ACCOUNTABILITY: How has the leader set up accountability in his/her working? Who is he/she accountable for? with respect to the community he/she serves?

These and many more of such attributes drive a good leader in being able to deliver to his/her constituency, their wishes and aspirations!

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