Thursday, May 31, 2007

National policies for NGOs in India

The voluntary sector in most developing countries (including NGOs, CBO etc.) are in a double dilemma - on one hand, many of the rules and regulations that they have to adhere to actually originate from the for-profit private sector. On the other, the bad actions of some of the NGOs taints the sector as a whole, calling for stricter monitoring and enforcement of the rules and regulations.

It is good to see some change in attitudes and approaches towards the sector, but much more needs to be done!

PIB Press Release: National Policy on the Voluntary Sector 2007

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Info-design Cycle

Packaging information properly so as to facilitate its contextualizing and customizing by the user to create tacit knowledge is an iterative cycle. Where is information available? Who has it? How can we match user needs with information available? What are the interlinakages between the different pieces of information? What enhancements can be envisaged to the info patterns? How can the products developed be improved further? How can the info products be delivered to the user? These are some of the questions that are covered in the cycle.

Ultimately, good information management is an aid to decision-making, of understanding what and how information is used, and developing a channel to deliver it to the user. Based on a user-needs assessment, information is collated and analyzed to build patterns. The iterative process is repeated by incorporating feedback and review it until it matches the needs of the user. This is the 'Information Desgin Cycle'

Welcome to "Serenditous Tags"

Welcome to the GDRC Blog, "Serendipitous Tags"

In this complex world of ours, problems that we face may not be the 'real' problem - there will always be problems behind problems, and so solutions that we propose should beget more solutions. It is this interconnectedness that lies at the core of everything that GDRC does.

The multi-disciplinarity of GDRC’s 15 programmes help in discovering the connections and associations among different issues not apparent at first. This is the thinking that went into the creation of this blog – Serendipitous Tags – in making unexpected links when tagging different pieces of knowledge.