Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Better urban mobility - and poverty alleviation.

An interesting piece of news on the link between providing good mobility (in terms of walking, bicycling, and public transport) and increasing the economic opportunities of low income people in cities, and hence poverty alleviation:

European Urban Knowledge Network - "Promote bicycling, walking and public transport to improve chances for poor people":

How can transport policy contribute to the goal of more inclusive cities? What role does the car play in ensuring mobility for all?"

Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Externalities of Tourism

I subscribe to several tourism-related email lists, particularly those related to ATLAS [www.atlas-euro.org]. In the range of activities, events and publications that are being carried out in this field, it was interesting to see a large cross-section of topics being synchronized with tourism.

Of particular significance is how the research and development activities on tourism are being linked to economic development (but of course ...), but also to heritage conservation and environmental/ecological preservation. Clearly, the multiplier effects of one sector has implications and advantages (or disadvantages) for other sectors as well.

GDRC works on all the three themes - tourism, heritage and environment - but in separate silos. it will be interesting to bring them together in a Special Feature.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Leadership Matters - Vision, Effectiveness and Accountability

A key aspect of the GDRC Programme on Urban Governance is that of leaders and leadership. And so the title of a recent World Bank Institute's meeting theme struck my eye as a good set of leadership 'matters':

VISION: Does the leader have a vision for the future? Does it match the wishes, needs and aspirations of the community that he/she leads?

EFFECTIVENESS: How effective is the leader in delivering on his/her promises? How capable ha she/she been in accomplishing stated goals and objectives?

ACCOUNTABILITY: How has the leader set up accountability in his/her working? Who is he/she accountable for? with respect to the community he/she serves?

These and many more of such attributes drive a good leader in being able to deliver to his/her constituency, their wishes and aspirations!

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