Jugalbandi: A Fusion of Music, Art and Poetry

What is Jugalbandi?
Jugalbandi (literally "tied together"), is an ancient Indian art form where two musicians with different instruments or styles perform together. Lately, it has been popularized to mean different forms of music, dance and other art forms coming together in a impromptu fusion, catering to all the senses simultaneously - a perfect example where art has no boundaries!

A personal dream ...

One Jugalbandi I had always wanted to do, ever since I heard the music being played by my two friends - Makiko Yashiro on the violin, and Naomi Kojima on Piano, was to listen to their music, be inspired in its flow, capture its mood -- and right then and there -- paint abstract paintings and/or write poetry.

And one day, that dream came true. During the Chirstmas season of 2001, Makiko and Naomi played a concert called "Weaving with Moonbeams" and I got to sit in a corner and paint an abstract watercolour, while listening to their wonderful music. It was a really great experience, and one that I will not forget!!

I had great fun designing the invitation that was sent out to everyone, and also writing a three-piece haiku too - one for the concert as a whole, one for Naomi and her Piano music, and the other for Makiko and her violin.

This is a record of that event.

Concert Haiku
The haiku for the concert ... Moonbeams weaving the night
Picking up strands of music
Enfolding us in its beauty
... with Naomi on the piano ... Fingers fly on the keyboard
Threading the notes together
I soar high in the sky, far away
... and Makiko on the violin! Bow glides on the strings
The wind stops to listen
Moonbeams shiver with joy!
Photos from the Concert
Makiko and Naomi start off the concert ...
... and as the music begins to flow, so does the inspiration to paint ...
... the final painting, just after the concert got over ...
... and a final encore!
Invitation and Programme
The invitation ....
Have a look at the invitation letter that was sent to everyone [  PDF file  ]

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