Women's Finance House Botswana is a national organization (affiliated to Women's World Banking in New York), with affiliates in Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe. It deals with Financial intermediary for micro-small businesses; gender issues; income generation/cooperatives; legal issues/human rights; small business management.

WFHB was established in 1989. It's mission is to develop efficient, cost effective and sustainable micro finance institution, which, provides banking services to poor women in Botswana. It's overall goal is to assist poor women entrepreneurs and in particular those who are not able to access the credit services of local financial institutions.


  • To develop innovate systems by adapting suitable best practice methods to the needs of the poor women in Botswana.
  • To transform the lives and businesses of low-income women entrepreneurs into viable business that makes significant contributions to the national economy.
  • To serve as a bridge that will enable women to become confident, empowered, and active agents of economic change and development.
  • To build capacity of members to equip them with skills to effectively manage the credit program.

Contact Address:
Box 124
Gaborone, Botswana
Tel: (267) 356500
Fax: (267) 304176
E-mail: wfhb@botsnet.bw

Hari Srinivas - hsrinivas@gdrc.org
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