Directory of Microfinance Institutions
in Uganda

 Microfinance institutions (MFIs) are organisations that provide savings and/or credit facilities to micro and small scale business people. MFls provide financial services to poor people who have experienced difficulties obtaining these services from most formal financial institutions because their businesses, savings levels and credit needs are all small. MFIs in Uganda include two banks, several companies limited by shares and a large number of NCiOs, companies limited by guarantee, cooperatives and credit unions.

This Directory provides information on the MFIs that have received support from the USAID-funded PRESTO Project's Center for Microenterprise Finance. Contact information is also presented on the Government's Poverty Alleviation Project, the Uganda Cooperative Alliance and the Uganda Cooperative Savings and Credit Union. These institutions can provide more information on the smaller NGOs, cooperatives and credit unions in their respective programs.

Plot 623/624 ACFODE House Bukoto Kampala
Contact: Mrs. Annette Muwonge
Phone 532311
Fax 530460
Gaba Road Kampala
Contact: Mr. Sam Aisu
Phone 267668
Fax - none -
Action on Disability (ADD)
Plot 32/36 Bombo Road Kampala
Contact: Mrs. Agnes Kalibbala
Phone 343644
Fax 250445
Alliance Building Society
Plot 4 Johnson Street Kampala
Contact: Mrs. May Lubega Mutogamba
Phone 230803
Fax - none -
Bunyangahu Rural Training Organisation (BURUTO)
Kasese Road Kibiito Fort Portal
Contact: Mr. David Sande Tibamwenda
Phone (0483) 22214 or 251221
Fax -none-
Busiki Multi-purpose Rural Det. Association
Plot 40 Kaiti Road Namutumba Busembatia
Contact: Mr. Henry Batwagaine
Phone - none -
Fax - none -
BUSO Foundation
National Insurance Building (Annex) Kampala
Contact: Mr. Joel Lugolobi
Phone 232014
Fax - none -
Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
Plot 402 Nabunya Road Pope Paul VI Centre Rubaga K
Contact: Ms. Laura Joseph
Phone 271693, 075-724796, 075-724393
Fax 272185
Centenary Bank
Plot 7 Entebbe Road Kampala
Contact: Mr. Willibrord Okecho
Phone 251276, 251277, 232393
Fax 251273
Christian Charity Centre
Aroma Lane Lira
Contact: Mr. David Ebong
Phone - none -
Fax -- none -
Cooperative Bank, Microenterprise Program
William Street Kampala
Contact: Mr. Lascelles Chen
Phone 258323, 258324, 258325, 258326
Fax 256744
Demobilised Women Civil Servants Association
Plot 31 Kanjokya Street Kamwokya Kampala
Contact: Ms. Momo Masiko
Phone 530632
Fax - none -
Plot 73 Namirembe Road Kampala
Contact: Mr. Bruce Lawson
Phone 236724
Fax 270879, 245597
Feed the Children Uganda
Hoima Nakulabye House Kampala
Contact: Ms. Jolly Nyeko, Mr. David Baguma
Phone 533147, 533148
Fax - none -
Plot 32 Kanjokya Street Kamwokya Kampala
Contact: Mr. Peter Okaulo
Phone 534449
Fax 534449
Foundation for Credit and Community Assistance (FOCCAS)
Plot 49 Republic Street Mbale
Contact: Mr. Basil Wanzira
Phone (045) 33069 Fax (045) 33069
Ibanda Small Scale Industries Association
Contact: Mr. E. Mwongyera
Phone (0485) 20889 Fax -none-
Kabale Networking Organisation (KABNETO)
Plot 182 Nyercre Avenue Kabale
Contact: Mrs. Hope Mwesige
Phone 23511, 250249
Fax - none -
Kampala Archdiocese - Social & Economic Development
Kampala Archdiocese Namirembe Kampala
Contact: Fr. Aloysius Muwanga
Phone 268871
Fax - none -
Lira District Devt. Agency (LIDDA)
Plot 17/18 Bala Road Lira
Contact: Ms. Margaret Akullo
Phone (0473) 20067
Fax - none -
Micro Credit Development Trust
Plot 18 Tagore Crescent Kamwokya Kampala
Contact: Ms. Olivia Kayongo
Phone 532116
Fax 241700
Orphans Community Based Organisation (OCBO)
Old Bukoba Road Kyotera
Contact: Mr. J. Ggayi Kalungi
Phone - none -
Fax - none -
Poverty Alleviation Credit Trust (PACT)
Masindi - Hoima Road Masindi
Contact: Mr. John Amos Kabwijamu
Phone - none -
Fax (0465) 20411
Poverty Alleviation Project (PAP)
Kanjokya Street Kamwokya Kampala
Contact: Mr. George Mukama
Phone 531624, 531621
Fax 531622
Plot 41/43 Nasser Road Kampala
Contact: Mr. Paul Musoke
Phone 346147
Fax 346147
Ringa Finance and Commercial Development Ltd
Plot 12/2-3 Jinja Road Kampala
Contact: Mr. Patrick Okumu Ringa, Mr. Andrew A. Pimundu
Phone 258278
Fax 244822
Rub Systems Uganda / International Needs Uganda
Gaba Road Kansanga Kampala
Contact: Rev. Bernard Bogere
Phone 268468, 248259
Fax - none -
Rukungiri Gender and Development Association
Contact: Pastor George Byamugisha
Phone (0486) 42261 Fax -none-
Rural Micro-enterprise Credit Scheme (RUMECS)
Bugiri, Lwangosia Iganga
Contact: Mr. Barasa Mutende
Phone 267297, 267872
Fax - none -
SETCA Women Development Link
Plot 51E Main Street Jinja
Contact: Mr. Vincent Ojambo
Phone (043) 20794
Fax (0483) 22050
Soroti Catholic Diocese Integrated Devel. Organization (SOCADIDO)
Plot 27 Serere Road Soroti
Contact: Rev. Fr. Anathasius Mubiru
Phone (045) 61505
Fax - none -
St. Mulumha Friendly Society
Spire Road Ludigo Service Centre Jinja
Contact: Mr. Masiga Romano E.
Mr. Joseph Zirabamuzaale
Phone - none -
Fax - none -
Talent Calls Club
Namilyango Road Seeta Mukono
Contact: Mr. Francis Lukooya
Phone 290019
Fax - none -
Teso Islamic Development Organisation
Contact: Mr. Haji Etegu
Phone (045) 61191 Fax - none -
Tororo Manuf. Assoc. Credit Scheme (TOMA)
Nagongera Road Tororo
Contact: Mr. Ofumbi Obbo
Phone (045) 44328
Fax - none -
Plot 8 Berkley Road Kampala
Contact: Mr. Alex Kakuru
Phone 257181
Fax 257182
Uganda Association for Social-Economic Progress
Ngogwe Mukono
Contact: Mr. Peter Kiwummulo
Phone 345002
Fax 345597
Uganda Coop. Savings and Credit Union (UCSCU)
Maganjo, Kawempe Kampala
Contact: Mr. Peter Oluka
Phone 567445
Fax - none -
Uganda Cooperative Alliance - Kyotamanya Village Bank Only
Plot 47/49 Nkrumah Road Kampala
Contact: Mr. C. Kabuga
Phone 258898, 258848, 258556
Fax - none -
Uganda Microfinance Union
Gayaza Road Busiika Gayaza
Contact: Mr. Rodncy Schuster, Mr. Charles Nalyaali
Phone 342038, 075-690161
Fax 258515
Uganda Women' Finance Trust (UWFT)
Plot 59 Buganda Road Kampala
Contact: Mrs. Eva Mukasa, Ms. Lydia Rugasira
Phone 241275, 251109
Fax 255144
Plot 56/60 Kampala Road Ambassador House Kampala
Contact: Mr. Frederick Musisi Kabuye
Phone 256704
Fax - none -
Plot 2 Tagore Crescent Kampala
Contact: Ms. Pelucy Ntambirweki
Phone 532394, 532395
Fax 532396
Albert Cook Road Mengo Kampala
Contact: Mr. Amos Galiwango
Phone 270598
Fax 348441
Victoria Building Society
Kyotera Kyotera
Contact: Mr. A. Sekyanzi
Phone - none -
Fax - none -
World Vision Uganda - Med Net
Plot 15B Nakasero Road Kampala
Contact: Ms. Dorothy Katantazi
Phone 245758, 2513641, 251642
Fax 258587
Zokuda/USSIA Oflice Kaliro
Contact: Mr. Daniel Musiitwa Ssubi
Phone - none -
Fax - none -
Source: Private Enterprise Support , Training and Organizational Development Project (PRESTO) email -

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