Information Overload

Electronic Information Management System


In today's volatile marketplace, businesses are in a never ending search for information, "The Information Age". The search for information is not a "new" challenge, however, today the problem has evolved into something markedly more complex. The Internet and the World Wide Web, E-Mail, Voice Mail, Television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Commercial Online Services, News Feeds, Local and Wide Area Networks....

Information Overload !!!

Businesses and individuals alike are being assaulted by a barrage of information that exceeds their ability and/or time to analyze, synthesize, and disseminate. Everybody has the information, most are being asphyxiated by it.

The true value of information, however, is not its immediate use. In order to effectively exploit information it must be readily available for analysis and synthesis with other information. It is the ability to combine various fragments of information and capitalize on the result in such a way as to give an advantage that provides value, not the information itself.


Management of information is the solution to the overload crisis. Unlike the "Good Old Days" as you will sometimes here them referred to, where a notebook and filing cabinet were all that you needed, management of information now requires a system that can administer data in a variety of formats. In today's business environment an electronic information system is required. In addition to the functions of information storage and retrieval, these systems also provide:

  • The ability to administer electronic data (Internet , E-mail, Voice Mail)
  • Distribution of information through the use of desktop PCs and LANs
  • Increased ability for collaboration through the use of groupware
  • Automated information procurement, abstraction, and dissemination
An electronic Information Management System integrates all of the necessary information procurement, administration, abstraction, analysis and dissemination tools into a homogenous environment.
Source: Milestones Inc.

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