The NPO Scene in Japan

NGOs or NPOs? In Japan, the acronym "NPO" (or Non-Profit Organization) is more prevalent than "NGO" (or Non Governmentsl Organization). While interntionally, the two terms are used interchangably, in Japan, NPO is used exclusively.
This page attempts to assimilate information on Japanese NPOs both online and offline. Due to the broad nature of non- profit and non-governmental activities in Japan, information on volunteering, non-profits, community groups etc. is also included

It only privdes an introduction to the NPO and related activities in Japan, and does not do justice to the wide range of activities, groups and themes covered. Much of the information on Japanese NPOs is in the Japanese language. If the Japanese flag [ ] is shown against a link, then the information is available only in Japanese; otherwise, an English-Japanese language switch option is available from that homepage.

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