Checklist for Media Campaigns

More than 1 month prior to campaign*

  • Organize media lists: contact names, titles, address, phone.
  • Develop media campaign strategies: message, target audience, media to use, alternative media ideas, partners, events, etc.

4 - 8 weeks prior to campaign*

  • Call media to update contact list and alert them about upcoming campaign.
  • Write press releases, media advisory, psa's, other materials

2-6 weeks prior*

  • Send press releases and public service announcements to media. (note: if mailing to a monthly publication, such as organizational newsletters or magazines, send press release at least 4 weeks in advance of publication)

1-4 weeks prior*

  • Send media advisory to request coverage for specific events.
  • Flyers, posters, and other alternative media distributed.

1 week prior

  • Follow-up phone calls to media about press releases and media advisories

* The earlier the better!

Source: -- Click on "Technical Assistance and Education Component" and then on to 'Marketing Ideas'
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