Creating an Environment for Environmental Technology
Transfer of Environmental Technology
        There are many steps that need to be taken before an actual technology transfer can take place. These are related to information, research and markets.
  • Information: A two-way flow of information, between the technology user and technology developer has to be developed. This information flow, facilitated by third parties such as local governments, chambers of commerce, universities/research institutes etc.) will help in better matching of developers and users.
  • Research: Research has to take place in order to make sure that the technology being transferred is appropriate for, and adaptable by, the end user. This flexibility in the technology’s design has to be an integral part of its design itself. Cost effectiveness and ease of maintenance, among other criteria, are also critical aspects.
  • Market: In order for the technology transfer to be really successful, it has to create a business opportunity, including generate jobs and raise incomes. Unless there is a clear market for the technology itself, or for the product/service it produces, the transfer itself will fail. Lessons learnt have also pointed out the need to integrate technology transfer within the larger process of business-to-business matching. While this may be an obvious point, there are a number of failures that highlight the importance of understanding the market.
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