A Citizen's Governance Model

Characteristics of a Governance Model that is sensitive to a community's needs:

  • Accessible
    Citizens will have easy access to the elected and staff decision makers who are responsible for municipal services.

  • Accountable
    Elected and appointed officials will owe responsibility to the public.

  • Inclusive
    The community will be recognised as an important component of decision making.

  • Representative
    Citizens will be fairly and democratically represented.

  • Comprehensive
    All municipal functions and services will be addressed; services will be delivered at a level communities believe to be appropriate; clear and logical responsibility for service-delivery will be identified; voluntary citizen participation will be acknowledged.

  • Comprehensible
    It will be easy to understand who does what.

  • Cost-effective
    Appropriate quality service will be delivered efficiently and in a manner that makes citizens feel they are receiving a reasonable return on their tax money.

"Challenge and Choice: Options for Local Governance in Ottawa-Carleton" Township of Goulbourn's World Wide Web Site
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