Map of Main Impacts: Good Governance

of Good Governing On:
Delivering Urban Services
Reduces costs
of corruption.
Increases public support for difficult choices.
Increases sense of fairness in distribution of benefits.
Reduces negative impacts through waste and misuse of resources.
Attracting Investment, Visitors
Generates more lasting employment.
Increases investor and visitor confidence.
Increases local benefits of investment and tourism.
Ensures compliance with environmental laws and regulations.
Managing Risks, Assuring Safety
Reduces costs of lost production when disasters occur; reduces costs of crime.
Increases public engagement in managing risks and promoting neighbourhood security.
Increases likelihood of all income groups surviving disasters; reduces crime rates.
Reduces environmental impacts of disasters caused by human actions; increases environmental security.
Budgeting, Financing
Increases effective collection of revenues, capacity to borrow at lower rates.
Increases public support for allocating resources to priorities.
Reduces efforts to evade taxes and fees.
Increases support for expenditure on environmental protection.

Source: City Solutions Net
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