Recycling and Waste Reduction
Recycling and waste reduction is a recurring theme that is an integral part of most of the above environmental measures taken by companies. Most popular and tangible among these measures have targeted paper. Efficient use of paper, streamlining processes and tasks that need excessive paper, paper source sorting and disposal systems (both in-house and external systems), are covered here. Other wastes such as glass, aluminum, cardboard, wooden pallets, polyurethane and polystyrene foam, furniture etc. have similarly been targeted for source sorting and disposal systems. Besides cost consideration, companies have included waste disposal methods and techniques, recycling efforts etc. as criteria to select trash contractors.

Another measure incorporated by companies is the purchase of recycled materials for office supplies. Products with higher percentages of post-consumer content, reused copy/printer toners cartridges, recycled tissue and napkins etc. have been incorporated in purchasing decisions. Online internet and intranet networks have been used as an alternative to inter-office memos and conventional communication methods. Centralized information, leadership, and a corporate commitment have been found to be critical in developing a culture for the 'reduce, reuse, and recycle' corporate environment.