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Ecopolis: A vision

Housing plans that are adapted for nature and that consider biological factors

Urban and suburban spaces that are balanced without mutual opposition

Buildings and housing areas that are planned in harmony with the climate

Decentralized energy supply systems (solar, wind etc,) that harmonize with the biosystem

Scattered farms that follow the natural land contours

Street and road patterns that respect the shape of the land

Protection of the land to preserve natural evolution

Winding rivers that keep their natural ability for recovery and self-regulation

Protection of the land surface through suitable transportation plans

Designs that incorporate local history and characteristics

A wide variety of flexible designs that incorporate experience of the residents

Cooperative communities and neighbourly relations

Designs that preserve the natural landscape

Zoning and building styles that adapt to the details of the climate

Preservation of small organic sections (biotopes) in the urban center

The design of pleasant pedestrian spaces/porous road pavement so that the earth can breathe

Mixture and fusion of living, working and consuming spaces

Creation of life space for humans, animals and plants

A city that is an ecoystem of unified elements

The images of Life

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