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Benefits of EMSs for Cities

How do cities benefit by developing and implementing an EMS, and seek ISO 14001 certification? Some of these include:

1. Activation of the local area by the local government's positive actions

  • Promoting ISO 14001 certification in the local enterprises by providing the know-how in the certification process
  • Enlightening the residents about environmental protection
  • Creating new business opportunities related to environmental protection

2. Improving administrative structure and activities

  • Defining roles, responsibility and authorities
  • Cost reduction by saving energy and resources
  • Increasing efficiency of works
  • Simplification of administrative procedures by utilizing the certification system

3. Promoting clearness of administrative activities

  • Acquisition of the residents' consent and reliance by publishing the environmental policy, objectives, targets, management programs, etc.
  • Promoting communication about environmental information by documentation and recording system

4. Promoting environmental protection in the local area

  • Reducing environmental load in the business and service activities as an enterprise and a consumer
  • Promoting environmental pro-tection activities by increasing the motivation of officers
  • Reducing environmental risks

Source: UNEP - International Environmental Technology Center (IETC), Osaka, Japan
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