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The full ISO 14000 series

ISO 14000 series of standards provides specifications and guidelines for various environmental management disciplines, including environmental management system (EMS), environmental performance, environmental auditing, environmental labeling and life cycle assessments. The most popular of the ISO 14000 series of standards is ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems - Specification with Guidance for Use.
  • EMS = Environmental Management Systems
  • EA = Environmental auditing
  • EL = Environmental Labelling
  • LCA = Life Cycle Assessment

ISO 14000
EMS- General Guidelines on Principles, Systems and Supporting Techniques
ISO 14001
EMS- Specification with Guidance for Use
ISO 14004
EMS - General Guidelines on Systems, Principles and Supporting Techniques
ISO 14010
EA- General Principles of Environmental Auditing
ISO 14011
EA- Auditing of Environmental Management Systems
ISO 14012
EA- Qualification Criteria for Environmental Auditors
ISO 14013
Management of Environmental Audit Programs
ISO 14014
Initial Reviews
ISO 14015
Environmental Site Assessments
ISO 14020
EL- Basic Principles of Environmental Labeling
ISO 14021
EL- Self Declaration- Environmental Claims- Terms and Definitions
ISO 14022
EL- Symbols
ISO 14023
EL- Testing and Verification Methodologies
ISO 14024
EL- Practitioner Programs- Guiding principles, practices and certification procedures of multiple criteria (type1)
ISO 14031
Environmental Performance Evaluation
ISO 14040
LCA- General Principles and Practices
ISO 14041
LCA- Goal and Definition/Scope and Inventory Assessment
ISO 14042
LCA- Impact Assessment
ISO 14043
LCA- Improvement Assessment
ISO 14050
Terms and Definitions
ISO 14060
Guide for the Inclusion of Environmental Aspects in Product Standards

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