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Some Needs and Expections of an EMS   

Much has come to be expected from the institution of an EMS and ISO 14001 certification, in itself, and in achieving other environmental goals and objectives. This is partcularly true for local governments, and whole cities and towns. A recent list cirtulated in the ISO Discussion List mentioned the following:

  1. Empowerment of local organizations and NGOs to solve environemntal issues and adopt appropriate technologies.

  2. Clarify and discuss the economic and financial profits/benefits of the application of an EMS

  3. Applicability in implementing other environemntal initiatives - for example, in promoting environemntally sound technologies.

  4. Establish connections among Local Agenda 21, LEAP, EMS and other relevant local environmental schemes/initiatives

  5. Application of EMS in waste collection, safety, health, environmental quality, economic issues in environmental systems etc.

  6. Methods of simulation of citizens organized groups in the participation of EMS-based programmes

  7. Methods of developing bilateral and collaborative peer-to-peer agreements between cities and countries on EMS issues

  8. Case studies, lessons learnt from different municipaltiies in exchange of ideas. EMS tools suitable for urban management are also critical, as is a peer network of professionals where this can be facilitated.

  9. Interpret, adopt and integrate megacities management strategies for clean environment

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