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A Short Note on 'City Governments'
What exactly is a 'city government'?

Hari Srinivas
Concept Note Series. June 2015

In this write up on Cities, EMS and Everything the words 'City Government' is used in its very broad meaning and includes all forms of local governments - municipal boards, metropolitan boards, development agencies, city agencies, etc. that are directly involved in the overall planning, development and management of a city. It also includes related agencies and boards that provide urban services such as electricity boards, water supply and sewerage boards, transport agencies etc.

The level of government at the lowest level governing the smallest political unit: city town or village. Such political units can be called state, province, region, department, county, prefecture, district, city, township, town, borough, parish, municipality, shire, village etc..

It should be noted that ISO 14001 certification can be applied to a whole set of organizations, or can be applied to single agencies. For example, an electricity board can apply for ISO 14001 certification for its activities and operations - even though the city government which it serves may not have itself applied. Additionaly both can apply for ISO 14001 separately or collectively.

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