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ISO Certification: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Meetings to review results of the EMS steps
  • Decide on corrective and continual action
The final requirement of the ISO14001 standard is Management Review. The EMS needs to be reviewed by top management periodically to make sure that the program is still suitable, adequate and effective.

The organization will be required to formalize a management review of the EMS, to both check on its progress and decide on future courses of action. Management review can be used to improve the EMS in line with the ISO14001 concept of "continual improvement"*.

Some of the broader review questions can include - Does the EMS address all activities, products and services including recent changes? Does the EMS contain any systemic problems? Is the EMS being complied with? Does the EMS provide a framework for continual improvement? Are legal and other requirements being met? Is information accessible and relevant? Are environmental targets being met? If so, can they be further improved?

The management review process ensure that information is collected to enable management to carry out proper review. Top management review the need for changes to policy, objectives and targets, and ensure that a commitment to continual improvement is being demonstrated.

Once the final audit is completed, an organization can go for "Self-declaration" or seek registration by an independent registrar who is accredited by ISO.

* Remember that "continual improvement" in ISO14001 refers to improvement of the EMS (i.e., the system), not the environmental condition.

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