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Ten-Points-Environmental Guidelines for
Japanese Enterprises Operating Abroad

Source: Japan Federation of Economic Organizations (KEIDANREN)

  • Establish a constructive attitude toward environmental protection and try to raise complete awareness of the issues among those concerned.

  • Make environmental protection a priority at overseas sites and, as a minimum requirement, abide by the environmental standards of the host country. Apply Japanese standards concerning the management of harmful substances.

  • Conduct a full environmental assessment before starting overseas business operations. After the start of activities, try to collect data, and, if necessary, conduct an assessment.

  • Confer fully with the parties concerned at the operational site and cooperate with them in the transfer and local application of environment-related Japanese technologies and know-how.

  • Establish an environmental management system, including the appointment of staff responsible for environmental control. Also, try to improve qualifications for the necessary personnel.

  • Provide the local community with information on environmental measures on a regular basis.

  • Be sure that when environment-related issues arise, efforts are made to prevent them from developing into social and cultural frictions. Deal with them through scientific and rational discussions.

  • Cooperate in the promotion of the host country's scientific and rational environmental measures.

  • Actively publicize, both at home and abroad, the activities of overseas businesses that reflect our activities on the environmental consideration.

  • Ensure that the home offices of the corporations operating overseas understand the importance of the measures for dealing with environmental issues, as they effect their overseas affiliates. The head office must try to establish a support system that can, for instance, send specialists abroad whenever the need arises.
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