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And nature does it with a breeze,
what takes man
a hammer and chisel.

It was autumn here in Japan. Leaves are turning yellow and brown and gold and maroon and olive. I saw this leaf on the sidewalk. Just lying there, so perfectly curled up, and it reminded me of the Ionic columns of Greece ... the countless hammer hits it must have taken. All that nature had used to curl this leaf was a gentle breeze.

NOTE: What is a Haiku? Haiku is traditional Japanese poetry that was just three lines long, having five japanese characters in the first line, seven in the second, and five again in the third line. But writing Haiku in English is not strict, and is usually limited to the 'three-line' rule. Poetry-in-miniature, Haiku's attractiveness lies in its ability to pack so many images, ideas, thoughts, and memories in such short lines. Reading this - "Longing to hear her voice / I called her number / to listen to her answering machine" - is not only poignant, but also shows Haiku's contemporary appeal!
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