As a GWP Member, GDRC recognizes the Dublin-Rio principles and is involved with issues related to integrated water resources management. It is committed to putting these principles into practice through:
  • sharing knowledge and experience on integrated water resources management freely with other GWP partners
  • providing advice and professional inputs to the GWP partners
  • helping coordinate integrated water resources management activities with other organizations.
GDRC contributes towards GWP's goals by:
  • Awareness: Creating opportunites to learn about values, principles, and proactice of water management
  • Assessment: Developing resources and tools for communities and organizations to monitor progress and track good practices in their region
  • Action: Promoting wider participation in making water available to all groups of people and in its conservation.
In turn, GWP assists members with:
  • identifying critical needs, assessing demands, and arranging strategic assistance
  • mounting programs and partnerships to address critical global and regional needs in integrated water resources management.

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