Issues to be considered in
Environmental Decision-Making
Participant Goals
EDM deal with very broad and diverse values, interests, and participant goals. What is the range of these participant goals and what values and interests do they seem to support? What motivates or discourages participation in these issues? How with the attainment of their goals satisfied are participants? Is there sufficient evidence to outline the impacts of diverse participant goals on EDM processes?

Participant Involvement
Who is involved in EDM development, what are important ‘involvement' issues that EDM raise (e.g., who is being excluded and why), and what has been learned regarding how best to manage participant involvement?

What are the major issues being negotiated, how are they being negotiated, what facilitated and/or constrained the process, and how can competing interests--including those across jurisdictional boundaries--be better negotiated?

Process Decision Making
Most would agree that in a perfect world, decisions regarding the environment should be comprehensive and well informed--based on the best available information. But who is really being involved in data and information management and how is information developed, used, and shared? What is the diversity of information sought and/or developed, and is there evidence to determine how scientific information is integrated with economic knowledge of permittees? What are "information" issues, obstacles, and lessons learned?

Effectiveness and Efficiency
As newly evolving processes, it is important to understand how various EDM activities are executed. What are important roles being played (or not being played) in EDM development, how effectively and efficiently are they being played, and who is playing them?

Learning and Guidance
What are important decision making skills, and how does participant and institutional learning take place? What were helpful useful (instead of helpful) participant skills and expertise, how did learning take place, and what guided participants relative to good EDM process and product?

Source: Adopted from NCEDR, "Habitat Conservation Plans", 2000
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