Microfinance Country Information
- Congo -

The Crédit Populaire Zaïrois (CPZ) aims to finance projects directly concerning rural and poor people, to promote a fairer distribution of funds at both regional and national level and to promote dialogue between civilians and the financial and governmental authorities. In doing so, it hopes to facilitate credit to organisations who don’t usually have access to banking facilities. It supports industries, agriculture and any other operations that benefit the social economy.

Credit Populaire / Congo
Mr Kasevere Ndo Mwithirwa NDONDO
B.P. 376 bis Butembo
Nord Kivu, Congo
Tel 871-6828.00142 or 871-1676.217
Fax 871-6828.00143 or 871-1676.217

  • Forum des Jeunes Entreprises du Congo (FJEC)
In Congo 49 microfinance institutions (MFI) are members of the Professional Association of Microfinance Establishments (Association Professionnelle des Etablissements de Microfinance, APEMF).
The Caisse de Participation à la Promotion des Entreprises et à leur Développement (CAPPED) (Bank for the promotion and development of businesses) is having an enormous success as far as savings are concerned. It opened two more agencies where micro businesses can find help and support to further develop their activities.

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