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Scholarly Papers Series: AFRICA

Links to multilateral development information on Africa


  • African Studies at U.Penn
    Web site of the African Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Contains country-specific information as well as links to Africa-wide information resources.

  • Index on Africa
    The index on Africa is a tool for identifying sources of information on Africa and African affairs on the Internet. Comprising approx 2.000 links to relevant sources in all parts of the world, the index on Africa is the most comprehensive and systematic link index of its kind.

  • Africa Policy Information Center
    APIC's primary objective is to widen the policy debate around African issues by concentrating on providing accessible policy-relevant information and analysis usable by a wide range of groups and individuals.

  • Africa Liaison Project
    In keeping with the Development Fund for Africa (DFA) legislation, and funded by a grant from the AID Africa Bureau, the Africa Liaison Project fosters communication, cooperation and collaboration on development initiatives in Africa among US PVOs, African NGOs and AID.

  • Information Bank on African Development Studies (IBADS)
    Information Bank on African Development Studies (IBADS) is an electronic service provided by the Africa Technical Department (AFT) at the World Bank. Its objective is to disseminate information about development studies on Sub-Saharan Africa.

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