Microfinance Country Information
- Nigeria -

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Community Development and Microfinance Roundtable (CDMR)

A member of
Africa Microfinance Network (AFMIN)
Contact address:
1 Agbado Street
P.M.B. 1076
Benin City, Edo State

Contact: Mrs. Yinka Lajorin-Eniola, Executive Secretary
Phone: (234) 52-25-82-75
Fax: (234) 52-25-82-75
E-mail: cdmr@fordwa.linkserve.org

The Government of Nigeria identified microfinance as an effective tool in achieving the three objectives of (a) a strong and focused emphasis on economic growth (b) better access by the poor to social services and adequate infrastructure; and (c) targeted interventions to protect low-income populations or the most vulnerable, because it enables poor people to expand their businesses, increase their revenues, and augment employment, thereby contributing to the economic development of the country.

Hari Srinivas - hsrinivas@gdrc.org
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