Microfinance Country Information
- Zambia -

List of Zambian MFIs

African Development Foundation
Sithabile Ndiweni, Harare
phone: 795525 or 700249

Association of Microfinance Institutions in Zambia (AMIZ)
Email: amiz@coppernet.zm

Credit Union & Savings Association of Zambia
M.M. Milupi
phone: 260-1-22-8745 or 6 fax: 260-1-22-3837

Desai Revolving Fund Project
(Young Women's Christian Council of Zambia)

Lima Bank LTD
V. Kasapato
phone: 228073 or 5 fax: 228077

National Savings & Credit Bank of Zambia
Mr. G.J. Chembe, director
phone: 2601-228-985 fax: 260-1-223-296

Village Industry Service
Joyce Mapoma
phone: 260-1-228653 or 4 fax: 260-1-225303

The Christian Enterprise Trust of Zambia
PO Box 250137
Ndola, Zambia

Women's Finance Trust of Zambia Limited
Ms. M.M. Yeta
phone: 260-1-227-335 fax: 260-1-227-184

ZCF Finance Services Ltd
Charles Chitembo phone: 221628 or 261579 fax: 227335 or 261631

Zusa Senanga
Inonge Lewanika
phone: 260-1-225789 fax: 260-1-225789

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