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Social performance relates to who an organisation can serve, how it serves them, and the benefits of these services. It also relates to the way in which an organisation works in terms of its relationship with clients, staff and community, and its impact on the environment. PRIZMA is strongly committed against financing businesses that have a negative impact on the environment. All applications for business and agricultural loans include an Environmental Procedures Form which examines impact on (1) air, (2) water, (3) soil, (4) nature, (5) waste, (6) the rural environment, and (7) society. A negative score on any of these dimensions disqualifies the loan application.
Source: Soundbites - Imp-Act Consortium

Defining client exit in Partner, Bosnia (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
PARTNER, an MFI in Bosnia and Herzegovina, found that 75 per cent of all its exiting clients, if they returned, came back after no longer than 250 days, whilst 50 per cent came back after no longer than 150 days. After discussion with the staff it was decided to define "exit" as a client who did not come back to the programme at all, or came back after one year. In the dynamic Bosnian market, annual changes within and without the institution are significant enough to consider a client returning after one year to be a "new client".
Source: Soundbites - Imp-Act Consortium

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