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- Haiti -

Fonkoze (Haiti) is in the process of moving from a situation where social responsibility is embedded within its organisational values (but not formally applied) to a more formal system of policies and procedures. However, Fonkoze is notable for the degree to which social responsibility is already part of its systems, processes and culture. A number of features are designed to protect and support clients, such as an emphasis on educating clients about product features and levels of credit based on evaluation of business capacity by credit agent. A key challenge for Fonkoze, now that its social responsibility policy is in place, is to develop procedures for its translation into practice, and for monitoring compliance and effectiveness.
Source: Soundbites - Imp-Act Consortium

  • FHAF, Haiti: The Fonds Haitien D'Aide a la Femme began its operations with a WWB loan guarantee programme in 1983. Using additional funds from IADB and local banks, FHAF operates a co-financing system, where members open bank accounts, and is responsible for its repayment directly to local banks. Its services include client identification and screening, loan analysis, loan approval and follow-up, training and management assistance etc.
    FHAF, B.P. 15065, Petion-Ville, Haiti , Fax: +(509) 462-165

  • Peasant Movement of Papay (MPP), Haiti: MPP Haiti is a movement organized to combat the exploitation and dominantion of peasants. In addition to loans for self-employment, agricultural and emergency loans are also available. MMP Haiti requires that all clients save in a group savings account. Training in literacy and management of small business is available also. All first time borrowers are in the bottom 50% of those living below the national poverty line.
    B.P. 15697, Pettonville, Haiti, Ph:(509)49-14-99, Fx:(509)49-27-55

    Some key players in microfinance in Haiti:
    1. SHEC
    2. Banque d' l'Union Haitienne
    3. SOGEBank
    4. Unibank

      Multilateral Organizations:

    5. Inter-American Development Bank
    6. UNDP
    7. USAID
      USAID-DA Project - PRET/FINNET

      Credit unions:

    8. Desjardins


    10. ACLAM (World Concern)
    11. ACME
    12. APV
    13. COD/EMH (Methodist Church)
    14. FINCA - Haiti
    15. FODEPE (World Vision)
    16. Fond d'Espoir
    17. FONKOZE
    18. GTIH
    19. MEDA
    20. Opportunity International
    21. APTECH (Plan)
    22. Caritas-Gonaives (CRS)
    23. Caritas- Jacmel (CRS)
    24. IICA

    If you have contact details of the organizations listed on the left, please send an email to:

  • Hari Srinivas - hsrinivas@gdrc.org
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