. Social Innovation Fund

Mission statement: To help unemployed and economically at risk women realize their potential for becoming self-sufficient.

Target Group:
Number of borrowers 248; 100 percent of borrowers are women; 85 percent of first-time borrowers are below the national poverty line; 40 percent of first time borrowers are in bottom 50% of thos living below national povert line; project number of borrowers in 1997 - 428.

Liuda Mecajeva, Director
Savanoriq 1
Kaunas, Lithuania
Tel: 370-7-206 575
Fax: 370-7-2006 575

First Loan given: 1995

Geographical area served: Lithuania

Credit Programme:
Lending model - group; Loan period - 6 months; Average first loan - US$100; Average loan - US$200; Effective interest rate - 5%

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