Collaborative Learning

The Make-up of a CL Session

Members of effective collaborative learning groups have specific roles. Each member may assume several roles at a given session; in fact, for smaller groups it will be necessary for each member to have more than one duty.

  • Chair or Leader

    • This person is the agenda-setting facilitator.
    • In other words, the chair or leader sets the agenda of the session, with input from the rest of the group.

  • Time Keeper

    • This person is the agenda facilitator.
    • The time keeper keeps track of the amount of time spent on each activity in the session and makes sure pre-arranged time allocations in the agenda are followed.

  • Room Scheduler

    • This person arranges the date, time and place of the study session with school administrators, if necessary.
    • The room scheduler may also be responsible for contacting study group members to remind them about sessions.

  • Resource Arranger

    • This person arranges for supplies and resources for the session.
    • Resources may include reference books from the library, peer tutors, or overhead projectors.

  • Group Process Evaluator

    • This person evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of the session.

  • Producer or Participant

    • This person takes part in the scheduled activities of the session.
    • In most cases, all members of the study group are participants.

  • Resource Person

    • This person is not necessarily a constant member of the group.
    • The resource person is present when needed to provide additional resources to the group members.
    • The resource person may be a faculty member, a tutor, or another knowledgeable person.

Source: Gomon and Guenzel (1987)
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