Collaborative Learning

Terms and Definitions
Collaborative Learning:
An instruction method in which learners work in groups toward a common academic goal.

Critical-thinking Items:
Items that involve analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of the concepts.

Drill-and-Practice Items:
Items that pertain to factual knowledge and comprehension of the concepts.

Formal learning groups
Teams established to complete a specific task, such as perform a lab experiment, write a report, carry out a project, or prepare a position paper. These groups may complete their work in a single session or over several weeks.

Individual Learning:
An instruction method in which learners work individually at their own level and rate toward an academic goal.

Informal learning groups
Ad hoc temporary clusterings of learners within a single session.

Study teams
Long-term groups with stable membership whose primary responsibility is to provide members with support, encouragement, and assistance in completing a learning session's requirements and assignments.
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