Publications from the
Non-Governmental Organizations Programme (The NGO Cafe)

■  Building Professionalism in NGOs/NPOs: Key Issues for Capacity Building
    Concept Note Series E-140. June 2022.

■  Registering an NGO: A Quick Guide
    Management Tools Series E-122. August 2020.

■  Starting a Non-Governmental Organization
    Management Tools Series E-052. June 2015.

■  Fund Raising Realities and Strategies: Lessons Learnt at the NGO Cafe
    Continuing Research Series E-053. June 2015.

■  The Concept of Accountability: Implications for NGOs
    Concept Note Series E-054. May 2015.

■  An Introduction to NGO Credibility and Legitimacy
    Concept Note Series E-055. May 2015.

■  NGO Partnerships for Sustainable Urban Development
    Policy Analysis Series E-102. July 2015.

■  Internet Use: NGOs in Action
    Case Study Series E-103. April 2015.

■  Organizational Structure of an NGO
    Concept Note Series E-104. March 2015.

■  An NGO for NGOs: Networking and Support Centers for NGOs
    Case Study Series E-105. April 2015.

■  Setting up an NGO's By-Laws
    Management Tools Series E-106. October 2014

■  A sample set of NGO By-Laws
    Management Tools Series E-107. June 2015

■  Developing an NGO's Mission Statement
    Management Tools Series E-108. June 2015

■  Quick Introduction: NGO Accoutnability
    Management Tools Series E-109. November 2014

■  The NGO Funding Mix: A Continuum of Sources
    Policy Analysis Series E-112. Spetember 2015

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