NGO views on NGO Networking

NGOs in India, queried on their opinion on why NGOs should network among themselves, brought forth the following replies:
" ... a good platform to express solidarity among NGOs. Helps to share experiences and expertise to work for common action programmes to create an impact on the policies of the government"

" ... helps to share problems of development works and solve them. It also helps the groups to be better informed"

" ... important for collective action for social justice and common causes"

" ... networking is good and needed to think on similar lines. It supports each other"

" ... it is a positive structure which promotes smooth running of the organization."

" ... given the critical context in which India is today and the way the voluntary sector has plunged itself into a water-less ocean, there is a need for immediate networking of a genuine nature."

" ... working together for common causes"

" ... can achieve change in government policies in favour of low-income groups"

" ... essential for developmental activities which implies adoption of technologies, implementation of developmental activities and those which involve procedural implications."


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