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Green Productivity Techniques
GP techniques are used to bring about the changes that will result in better environmental performance and improved productivity They range from simple housekeeping techniques to designing "green" products.

GP techniques include awareness programs and the 5S management techniques which focus on keeping processes, equipment, workplaces and work forces organized, neat, clean, standardized and disciplined. Other good housekeeping techniques relate to measures that prevent the loss of materials, minimize waste, conserve and save energy, and improve operational and organizational procedures.

The environmental impact of a product is to a large extent determined by its design. By taking environmental considerations into account during product planning, design and development -- and so designing environmentally compatible products -- a company can minimize the negative impact of its products and process on the environment.

Process modification is a key GP technique which encompasses both simple and more complex changes -- from replacing inefficient or old processes with new technology. to totally changing the production process used. Such alterations can also involve energy conservation techniques such as the use of efficient appliances and the re-use and recycling of heat.

Waste stream segregation and the promotion of recycling, reuse and recovery are two broad techniques used to reduce the amount of waste a company produces and to improve waste disposal. Off-site recycling is often implemented if on-site recovery and reuse of resources is not feasible. Often substantial improvements can be made in the nature and quantity of waste produced by the substitution or purification of some material inputs.

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