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A. Definition

Green Productivity (GP) is a strategy for enhancing productivity and environmental performance for overall socio-economic development.

It is the application of GPmethodology comprising the appropriate techniques, technologies and management system to produce environmentally compatible goods and services.

B. Main Features

As GP focuses on productivity improvement and environmental protection, the central element of the GP methodology is the examination and re-evaluation of both production processes and products to reduce their environmental impacts and highlight ways to improve productivity and product quality. Implementation of these options leads on to another cycle of review and so promotes continuous improvement (see figure below).

Figure 1: GP Cycle (Source: APO)

GP techniques are used to bring about the changes that will result in better environmental performance and improved productivity They range from simple housekeeping techniques to designing "green" products. Some of the techniques used in GP include, good housekeeping, design change, process modification, waste and water management, pollution prevention etc.

C. Case Studies and Examples

1. Dow Co.:
In 1970, as a part of its green productivity initiative, Dow began a programme to encourage employees to find ways to reduce pollution. In the first few years, hundreds of suggestions were implemented, paying a return on investment of almost 183 percent. Over the years, the ROI has increased to almost 300 percent.

2. DuPont Co.:
In pursuing green productivity mainly to reduce their impact on the environmentT, DuPont focused on eco-efficiency eco-effectiveness. Instead of just making the same products more efficiently, they focused on making better products - products that performed the same functions as the old ones, but in new ways that were radically more productive, and had much less impact on the environment.

D. Target Sectors / Stakeholders

Individual companies, national and local governments can adopt green productivity principles as an integral part of their manufacturing, or as a policy option to improve the local environment.

E. Scale of Operation

GP can be applied in manufacturing, service, agriculture and community.

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