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Sustainable Tourism

Retracing your
travel fingerprints
A series of eight questions that are designed to reduce your tourist fingerprints in the areas that you visit.
  • Why do you travel?
    For what purpose are you travelling? To what degree are you sensitive to the place you are visiting? Are you running away from, or running to?

  • How do you live?
    What kind of lifestyle do you follow? During you visit, how do you live in the host city? What indeed is your ecological impact?

  • Where do you go?
    What places do you visit? What is the significance of those places? Historical? Natural? Urbane?

  • How do you travel?
    What modes of transport do you use during your travel? What percentage of it is public transport? Do you use non-motorized transport?

  • What do you buy?
    What kinds of goods do you buy? Are you aware of the nature of the raw material used in its preperation, or local/indeginous content of its manufacture?

  • What do you do?
    What kinds of activities do you carry out during your travel? Do you do it alone? In groups?

  • What do you take?
    What do you take with you when you travel? Is it necessary? Would it have any effect on the region you are travelling to?

  • What do you leave behind?
    In terms of waste and other such material, what do you leave behind?

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