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Community actions for a Local Agenda 21

The need for greater participation of the local community in the preparation of a 'local' Agenda 21 cannot be emphasized enough. A key inducer to this greater participation is the formation of community organizations (variously also called citizens groups, people's organizations, etc.) so that the collective opinion of the community can be voiced. This participation of the community organization is critical for various reasons:

  • Representation
    urge, on the behalf of local communities, for the right to greater participation in planning and decision-making processes

  • Participation
    emphasise to local people that expressing their views on developments, ideas and changes that effect quality of life is an important part of active citizens participation.

  • Awareness-building
    encourage local people to brainstorm about problem definitions, alternatives and possible changes and how they will affect their communities

  • Assistance
    help local people to identify the real issues which are likely to cause most concern and may have a negative impact.

  • Advocacy
    highlight local concerns and insist on the right of participation when decisions affecting the future of communities are being taken

  • Networking
    build links, partnerships, associations and exchanges with other local groups so that they have a more effective say and control over local and global issues.
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