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Elements of LA21

Local Agenda 21 involves many community participation and multi-sector strategic planning elements that are recognised internationally. These include:

  • A community vision to bring together the aspirations of all stakeholders in the municipality and to establish a common direction. Key areas of concern are also identified.

  • Partnership between local authorities, communities, and busineeses as a mechanism for dialogue, cooperation, joint analysis, planning and action

  • Community-based issue analysis to ensure that issues are weel udnerstood by all stakehodlers and all views are considered to ensure a comprehensive and holistic understanding of issues, their causes, effects, threats and opportunities.

  • Action plans to comprehensively set out and formalize agreed objectives, strategies, actions, targets, and committments by stakeholders from different sectors.

  • Implementation and monitoring to realize the action plans and to ensure continual joint progress and improvement towards agreed goals.

  • Evaluation adn feedback to celebrate successes and to seek opportunities for improvement. To review objectives, strategies and actions as necessary.

Local Agenda 21
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