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Sponsored by the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives

The UW Center for Cooperative mission is to study and promote cooperative action as a means of meeting the economic and social needs of people. The Center works in U.S. rural and urban communities and internationally.

This list has been established to facilitate discussion about strengths and weaknesses of the cooperative form of business in solving people's economic and social needs. Topics of interest include cooperative development, strategic planning, capital formation and revolvement, membership governance etc. Other related issues can also be discussed.

Email Archieve of Coop-Bus

Here's an email posting on the LISTSERV:

The name of our new listserver is "cooperative-bus". One of the reasons we set up this mailing list was our perception that there was a need for a national (and international) forum on cooperatives, that brought together the experiences and wisdom of cooperators in a wide variety of sectors: agricultural co-ops, food co-ops, health care co-ops, worker-owned businesses, etc. We are hoping to create a space for cooperative scholars, activists, managers, employees, boards members, and co-ops members to exchange ideas and information that relates to the cooperative form of business.

The purpose of this list is broad. Some of the topics we hope to see discussed include: the strengths and weaknesses of the cooperative form of business in solving people's economic and socal needs; cooperative development; strategic planning; capital formation and revolvement; membership governance; co-op management; board-manager relations; etc. Iit would also be useful if people could post information about confernces, meetings, research, books and other resources that relate to cooperative enterprize.

to subscribe, address a message to

Leave the "subject" line blank. That is crucial to subscribing successfully. The body of your message then should contain ONLY the following simple line:

subscribe cooperative-bus your name

Besides the listlerver, we are also proceeding with plans for a "Gopher site" on the University of Wisconsin's gopher server (WISCINFO). We are sharing responsibility for this Gopher project with the International Cooperative Alliance in Geneva. While still in the development stages, you can take a peek at this new Co-op gopher-- if you have the appropriate Internet connection and software (Netscape, Mosaic, etc.)-- by opening to the following location:
On this Gopher site, we intend to archive documents, provide training materials, newsletters, cooperative legislation, and eventually a searchable contact directory. In this contact directory, we will provide a list of names with areas of specialization and location. If you are interested in being in the contact directory, please notify me via e-mail or at the address below.

Hope all goes well, and do contact me if you have any problems.


Greg Lawless
230 Taylor Hall
427 Lorch Street
Madison, WI 53706

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