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The Virtual Library on Microcredit


he Virtual Library on Microcredit is a repository of information on issues related to microfinance and microcredit, including alternative, non-conventional and informal financial systems.
So what is microfinance and microcredit? Does it really help the poor out of poverty? What do we need to do?
Special Themes
Exchange Forum
   ■ Inspiring Ideas in Microcredit
   ■ Improving Credit Access for Women
   ■ Microfinance Governance
   ■ Capacity Building for Microfinance
   ■ Finance for Microenterprises
   ■ Microfinance and Disasters
   ■ Environmental Colours of Microfinance
   ■ News and Events
   ■ New publications on microfinance
   ■ Newsletters and Bulletins
   ■ Training Programmes
   ■ Investing in Microfinance
   ■ Archives:
     - 1997: Microcredit Summit
      - 2005: Intl. Year of Microcredit
Highlights of GDRC Research
   ■ Microcredit Lending Models
   ■ A Continuum of Informality of Credit
   ■ A Typology of Informal Credit Suppliers
   ■ IdeaCards: Inspiring Ideas in Microfinance
   ■ The Environmental Colours of Microfinance: Theory and Practice
   ■ The Microfinance Framework for Policy and Practice

What is GDRC doing now?
  Currently, GDRC is focussing on the role of microfinance in its non-financial role, particularly in mobilizing/activating communities and in generating social capital.
   ■ GDRC Programme on Informal Sector
   ■ Slums and Squatter Settlements
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