Grameen Bank, Bangladesh

The 16 Decisions of Grameen Bank

  1. We respect the four principles of the Grameen Bank - we are disciplined, united, courageous and workers - and we apply them to all our lives.
  2. We wish to give our families good living standards
  3. We will not live in delapidated houses. We repair them and work to build new ones.
  4. We cultivate vegetables the whole year round and sell the surplus.
  5. During the season for planting, we pick out as many seedlings as possible.
  6. We intend to have small families. We shall reduce our expenses to a minimum. We take care of our health.
  7. We educate our children and see that they can earn enough money to finance their training.
  8. We see to it that our children and homes are clean.
  9. We build laterines and use them.
  10. We only drink water drawn from a well. If not, we boil the water or we use alum.
  11. We will not accept a marriage dowry for our son and we do not give one to our daughter at her marriage. Our centre is against this practice.
  12. We cause harm to no one and we will not tolerate that anyone should do us harm.
  13. To increase our income, we make important investments in common.
  14. We are always ready to help each other. When someone is in difficulty, we all give a helping hand.
  15. If we learn that discipline is not respected in a centre, we go along to help and restore order.
  16. We are introducing physical culture in all centres. We take part in all social events.

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