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PRA (Participatory Research/Rural Appraisal) is an email discussion list devoted to the topic of participatory community development. It is not limited to devotees of the PRA approach specifically, but embraces dialogue about any form of intentional change initiated and owned by community members.

Born late in the summer of 1993, at the University of Guelph, the PRA list was initiated by a group of graduate students interested in discussing the practise of participatory development techniques in their communities, at home and abroad.

The PRA list is affiliated with the Participatory Initiatives Home Page at URL:, a WWW site listing resources on participatory approaches to change.

In true participatory fashion, our specific purposes vary with our members' changing interests and involvements, reflecting a multiplicity of perspectives and experiences, such as...

...and can take the form of conference announcements, book and journal reviews, accounts of field experiences, considered opinion, or philosophizing, postulating and prophesizing.

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If you have any problems or any questions, please contact the list owner:

Susan Rimkus

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