Policy Options: Message in a bottle

I agree:

  • The oceans and the creatures therein are a necessary part of life on this planet.

  • Maintaining the health of the oceans and the abundance of its fisheries, together with the wise and safe uses of all its resources, must be accepted and honoured by governments so that future generations can enjoy the continuing benefit for all peoples.

  • Understanding the marine environment and its living community, is necessary for the stewardship of the oceans and the seas and for the making of decisions to protect and husband its resources.

  • We must work together to succeed - within countries people can influence ocean policies if they act together - internationally, countries should help their neighbours and accept regional policies and actions - countries having the knowledge and resources should assist less fortunate nations - data and information on the ocean should be readily available - international and intergovernmental organizations should be used to generate global programmes and agreements.

    I promise to remember my oceans charter, in my treatment of the oceans and the waters that flow into the ocean, in my work and in my play and in the decisions that I make.


The above Charter was part of a campaign launched by UNESCO during the 1998 International Year of the Ocean. GDRC was a signatory to the Charter - and the message still retains its criticality and priority.
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