The UN Seahorse in Japan!
Commemorating the Year of the Ocean
Walk through to
UN Seahorse's mooring place - 6

... at Pukarisanbashi Pier, and about to enter the ship UN Seahorse. This is a panoramic view of the pier, a 360 deg movie. To view it, left-click on the picture, and drag the mouse pointer to the left, right, top or bottom to see the 360 deg view!! To zoom in, use the Shift key. To zoom out, use the Ctrl key.

What you see on this website is an effort by UN Seahorse to educate, generate awareness and share information on oceans and ocean issues in Japan. Go back to the Index page to walk around the various cabins, bridge or deck.

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All photos, and the QT movie, are courtesy of the MM21 Corp.

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