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 Check List
for Conservers

Do I use the 3R formula: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in my daily living?
Is this item over-packaged?
Is the package recyclable?
Is it made of recyclable material?
Will the material become toxic in landfill or incineration?
Is it biodegradable?
Is it manufactured with or does it contain chloroflurocarbons? Eg. Polystyrene foam products.
Is it in an aerosol can v/s pump, roll or regular container?
Do I have a choice of buying a product in a returnable, refillable container?
Do I buy products that are well made, without built in obsolescence?
Can I repair worn or broken objects rather than replace them?
Can I share, when I have no further use of items, by donating them to charitable groups or rummage sales?
Would I consider a garage sale or rummage sale, or a 'nex to new' store when I want some return for good objects?
Can I remember ro take my bags for refill when I shop?
Will I make the effort to recycle all acceptable materials?
Will I attempt to find a place to recycle other household materials?
Can I compost my kitchen and yard waste?
Do I keep my car well-tuned to prevent pollution?
Do I plan my driving errands effectively or go on foot, by public transport, bicycle or carpooling?
Do I buy or use disposable dishes?
Do I shop for paper with recycled fibre content?
Am I willing to take steps towards a clean environment for my child by choosing cloth diapers?
Wll I collect household hazardous waste and deliver it to a city depot for safe disposal?
Am I using food wisely? Statistics say we throw away 20% of the food we buy.
Do I choose the chemical way or natural way to battle household and garden nuisanceor to clean my home?
Am I willing to tell the manager of a store I prefer to shop where I can buy products in packaging that is biodegradable, not excessive, or better still, sold in bulk?
Am I willing to make my voice heard or write a letter regarding environment issues? Politicians and advertising companies consider 1 letter=500 opinions.

Unknown ... !! Received as a handout during a seminar. If you are aware of the source (Canadian?), please send a message to the email listed below.
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