The GDRC Research Programme on Urban Environmental Management
So what can we do with urban environments, since they are starting points for most global environment problems (and solutions)? Why is it important?
MEAs and Cities
EMS for Cities
Japan Urban Observatory
Ecological Footprints
Guide to City Networks
The Trialogue
Capacity Building
Disaster Mitigation
Energy Management
Environmental Education
Green Construction
Impact Assessment
Life Cycle Assessment
Local Agenda 21
Slums and Squatters
Sustainable Sanitation
Sustainable Tourism
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Urban Environmental Management
TThe Urban Environmental Management (UEM) Programme is at the core of GDRC's initatives and is the largest of its programmes..

Solvingthe global environmental challenges we face today, particualrly climate change, requires a fundamental shift in our urban lifestyles, our behaviour and ethics.

The UEM Programme looks at urban areas as the intersection of natural, built, and socio-economic environments, to create sustainable urban ecosystems.

The objectives of this programme is to explore local environmental problems of cities, as well as its impacts on global challenges.

Highlights of
GDRC Research
BooksFull list of docs    ■ MEAs and the Urban Arena
   ■ Info Sheets: Cities, EMS and Everything
   ■ What is an ecological footprint?
   ■ Environmental Management and Disaster Risk Reduction
   ■ Back to the Drawing Board - A Sustainability Toolbox
   ■ Defining squatter settlements
   ■ Solid Waste Management Framework
   ■ An Integrated Urban Water Strategy
What is GDRC doing now?
  Currently, GDRC is looking at cities as "sustainable ecosystems". In order to reduce their ecological footprint, there are a number of step that urban residents need to take - to aim for a closed-loop recycling society.
  • Urban Governance
  • Urban Heritage and Conservation

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More information on GDRC's Urban sphere
  GDRC's Urban Sphere  

More information on the WWW Virtual LibrariesThis GDRC programme is a Vlib - designated 'WWW Virtual Library' on Urban Environmental Management

BooksFull list of research outputs from the Urban Programme

International days related to this programme:
• 5 Jun: Envi. Day
• 3 Oct: Habitat Day
• 31 Ot: Cities Day