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Stakeholders and Roles
Networking and partnership for greater participation
Considering the nature of a city government's duties and responsibilities towards the entire city, and the potential for replication by various companies, groups, institutions etc. within the city, there is a need for a broad participation by a range of stakeholders in (a) assisting the city to acquire ISO certification, and (b) disseminating information on the process and results of the acquisition to a broader audience.

Who are the stakeholders and what are their roles?

  • The key stakeholder is, of course, the city government itself. Along with the city's council, the mayor's office and other sections and agencies of the city government, they are directly responsible for taking the initiative of seeking, implementing and sustaining an ISO 14001 and its EMS requirements, within the city government. They would also have to disseminate the results to all urban stakeholders for replication.

  • NGOs and citizen's groups in the city have a role to play in pressuring the city government to seek and implement the ISO 14001 aquisition process, and also to review the actions taken by the city government.

  • Experts, researchers and universities and international organizations are critical in building awareness, education, and consultation in building the framework for the cities to implement EMS and ISO 14001 requirements. They also have a role in disseminating the results to a wider audience.

  • ISO certification Consultants (REGISTRARS) (Registrars are firms and organizations licensed and mandated to issue ISO 14001 certificates by the International Standards Organization) have the important role in providing advice to a city government on the development of an EMS, in testing the viability and implementation of the EMS itself, and issuance of ISO certification to the city. The Registrars are also responsible for the annual monitoring and evaluation of the EMS's implementation.

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