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City Development Strategies

City Development Strategies (CDS) can be defined as:

A dynamic exercise involving broad public consensus to guide the design and implementation of a comprehensive municipal development program. CDSs focus on the living city, its human element, its economic activity, and its political realm and dynamism, as the unit of analysis, with the view that the city is a dynamic, integral and driving component of a regional or national, or even international economy.

The CDS integrates all of a city's actors in a concerted and consensual development proposal. The CDS develops a common understanding of municipal priorities, constraints, and challenges, and constitutes a shared vision of the city's short, medium and long term development objectives. It orders the city's resources, and gives reason and orientation to the use of these resources through a clear and consensual development implementation strategy.

The CDS is a living and dynamic exercise, paving the way to a better and more prosperous future envisioned by the city's residents and leaders.

Source: Jorge Daniel Taillant -

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