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Job Types Related To Sustainable Transportation


  • Software design for trip reduction through: telecommuting, videoconferencing, IVHS applications to transit efficiency, road pricing systems, car pooling and transit pooling databases, networking bulletin board systems
  • Signalling technology for transit, bicycle and walking priority
  • Alternative fuels for trains and transit vehicles


  • Tourism: non motorized tours; information and maps; historians and cultural experts
  • Accompaniment and delivery services for youth, aged, disabled (Meals on Two Wheels...)
  • Car and van rental for heavy hauls
  • Driver leasing for non-drivers
  • Bicycle Security
  • Bike & Blade Retail, Repair and Rental
  • Bicycle and walking delivery
  • Bicycle lane maintenance and clearing
  • Community bus or car pool drivers
  • Car-use reduction program planners and company transportation coordinators
  • Human powered vendors
  • Insurance, licencing & registration


  • Transit vehicle and train repair, Bicycle repair
  • Transit and train operations
  • Transportation and car pool coordination
  • Neighbourhood transportation managers
  • Telecommuting managers and co-ordinators
  • Community organizing

Phase out work:

  • Retraining in auto and other sectors
  • Programs to help people consider new transportation options

Production and Manufacturing:

  • Trains and Transit vehicles
  • Bicycles, delivery vehicles, parking structures
  • Bricks/materials for sidewalks, bike lanes, etc
  • Bicycle accessories, Bicycle-friendly fashion

Research and Development:

  • Human powered transportation
  • Sustainable freight technologies
  • Economic, Social, and Transportation Policy
  • Academic and private sector research in Engineering, Planning, Architecture, Urban Studies, Environmental Studies, Psychology, Social Studies
  • Sustainable Transportation Consultants


  • Sidewalk widening and street design
  • Traffic calming and bike lane design
  • Architechture/redesign of auto infrastructure
  • Design of local depots
  • Train and transit design, Transit route design
  • Bicycle trailer and delivery vehicle design
  • Bicycle security and bicycle-friendly fashion

Construction and Deconstruction:

  • Traffic calming infrastructure
  • Bike lanes and facilities, Secure bike parking
  • Urban horticulture to infill old parking lots
  • Retrofitting of car-centred architecture
  • Sustainable transportation signage

Education and Communication:

  • Publishing of books, maps, magazines
  • Information distribution
  • Bicycle events, safety and maintenance courses
  • Teaching and curriculum development in Urban Design
  • Advertising sustainable transportation

Source: Background information from, "MOVING THE ECONOMY: Economic Opportunities in Sustainable Transportation" An International Conference . July 9 - 12 1998, Toronto, Canada.

Source: Pamplet of the Sustainable Transport Action Network (SUSTRAN), May 1996.
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